Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Long day

I was planning on introducing a new feature to the blog, but it will need to wait until tomorrow.  I'm feeling a little silly right now because I'm sad over my T.V.  I had some problems with the power on Sunday, and apparently my T.V. got zapped because of it.  I don't watch much T.V., in fact I only noticed it was dead today because today is the first time I've tried to use it.  This is why I feel silly.  It's not like I have to replace the T.V. anytime soon, but it wasn't very old (only 5 years), so I just feel like it's a waste.  Oh well, I have better things to do than mope over a T.V.

What I ate today:

8:00 am: 16 oz black coffee

9:15 am: Everything bagel with cream cheese

12:15 pm: Leftover sausage with peppers, onions, and couscous.  Maple glazed nuts recipe here.  I'm getting so tired of these leftovers. I have enough for one more lunch, but I really don't want to eat them.  I'll wait and see how I feel tomorrow.  (I just realized that I seem very down in the tone of this post, and I am)

6:00 pm:  No work tonight, so I got to make a proper supper: Mushroom fajitas with guacamole (I'll post a recipe for this soon, no pictures tonight).  I would like to start making my own tortillas because I'm just not happy with the quality I've been getting from the store.  I've tried making tortillas before and I roll them with a rolling pin.  This results in very thick tortillas.  Does anyone have any hints or do I need to buy a tortilla press?

I have been drinking more water today.  At least 4 large glasses.

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  1. Hey Jennifer! Love your blog. I'm a fan of food diary-style posts because I keep one too and I love to see what other folks eat.