Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday and Today: It's about time I got caught up

Lots of leftovers in the last few days.  You will notice that Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday lunch will be very heavy on the leftovers.  I work an extra job on those nights and don't have time to cook, so I make sure I have lots of leftovers.  My husband lives on the other side of the state for most of the week, fortunately, I have never had a problem eating leftovers like many people I know.  I cook a big meal just for myself and pack away the rest.  If there is too much I freeze individually portioned meals.  This way when I'm running late I have quick meals.

I realized today that I've been drinking very little water during the day.  I'm not really drinking anything else like soda or juice, but I just have my coffee in the morning and quit drinking.  This is very unusual for me, so tomorrow I'm going to start really watching my water intake.   My skin is doing weird stuff (being dry and blotchy).  I know this is partially due to winter's approach, but also because my water intake is low.

What I ate: Monday

8:00 am: Asiago bagel and cream cheese

9:00 am: 16 oz black coffee

12:00 pm: Leftover sausage with peppers, onions, and tomatoes served over Israeli couscous.  A small winesap apple.  The couscous got some strange/interested looks.  I actually packed too much food, so I ate half.  Usually I feel like I have to eat everything.

4:00 pm: Macaroni and cheese with spinach

10:00 pm: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

What I ate: Tuesday (Looks just like yesterday)

8:00 am: Everything bagel with cream cheese

9:00 am: 16oz coffee

12:00 pm: Leftover sausage with peppers, onions, and tomatoes served over Israeli couscous.  Leftover brussel sprouts with red wine vinegar.  1 large Granny Smith Apple.  I was super full after the brussel sprouts, but I ate the apple anyway.  This was not a good idea.  The sour apple was great, but after I had just finished with the vinegary brussel sprouts, it was just too much of the same taste.

4:30 pm: Leftover macaroni and cheese with spinach

Tomorrow I will have more leftovers for lunch, but I will also have try a new recipe for supper, and I will be talking about a new feature.

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