Monday, November 29, 2010


I meant to post another entry last night about what I had eaten on Sunday, but my electricity was going crazy.  I had lights flickering on and off, and it was creepy.  My husband and I ended up packing up the dog and going to my parents until we could get the issue fixed.  By the time we got back home it was late and time for bed, so no post.

What I ate Sunday:

12:00 pm: Lunch at church.  I didn't wake up in time to get breakfast, and I was afraid my stomach would start rumbling through the service, but I was fine.  I piled my plate high with salad, turkey tetrazzini, corn, cheesy potatoes, cranberries, and a brownie.

6:30 pm: Sauteed chicken sausages with onions, peppers, and tomatoes, served over Israeli couscous.  Balsamic baked brussel sprouts on the side.  I could tell that my body was craving vegetables after all the damage I have managed to do lately.  This supper hit the spot.

9:30 pm: dark chocolate gelato

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