Sunday, December 12, 2010


Sorry, the photo is a little blurry, but this is the pizza my husband and I made Saturday night.

My husband likes to help me out in the kitchen, and one of our favorite things to make together is pizza.  Saturday night he wanted pizza, so we threw one together before chaperoning a Christmas dance.  This pizza included black olives, tomato, and basil.  I added the basil during the last three minutes of cooking, but really I wish I had added it when it came off the pizza pizazz.  

I have been trying to eat out less and use up my bulging pantry full of food.  However, it was my dad's birthday this week, so on Saturday morning I took him out for breakfast.  We went to Louge's in Hannibal Missouri.  I had my standby which is the Logue's skillet.  It's hash browns topped with ham, two eggs, and cheese sauce.  It's huge, but I love a huge savory breakfast.  

What I ate: Saturday

10:30 am: Logue's Skillet breakfast, about 3 cups of coffee.  They really have great coffee here.

3:30 am: 1/2 cheese enchilada, 1/2 bean burrito, both leftover from yesterday.  2 oranges

6:00 pm: 3 pieces veggie pizza, glass of cream soda

7-10 pm (at the Dance): 2 mini York peppermint patties, fun sized box of Milk Duds, 1/4 of my husband's Dr. Pepper.

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