Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More leftovers

Just a quick post tonight to say I'm still eating leftovers and I will be again tomorrow too.  Depending on how much grading I get done I may be making homemade candied orange peel.  I need it for last week's Weeknight Kitchen recipe from The Splendid Table, but I can't find it in the stores.  I did have a major chocolate craving and made some brownies tonight, so I guess I did a slight amount of cooking instead of just reheating.

What I ate today:

8:00 am: 16 oz coffee with cream and sugar

9:45 am: leftover trail mix from last night

12:00 pm: leftover sauerkraut with potatoes and pork chops, 1 grapefruit

3:30 pm: more trail mix

5:00 pm: The last of the chicken pilliard, parsley buttered potatoes, and brussel sprouts

8:30 pm: one large piece of a dark chocolate Ghirardelli brownie

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