Sunday, January 2, 2011

I win nuts!

This is a little late, but at the beginning of December I entered a contest on the blog Cook. Vegan. Lover.  I enter a lot of blog contests, but I never win, so I was super excited and suprised when I found out I won the Nuts + Nuts giveaway.  I received a sampler pack of cashews which included one each of the lightly salted, spicy, sweet and salt, and honey sesame.  So far I've had the spicy and the sweet and salty cashews, they were both delicious.  I love the combination of lime leaves and chili peppers in the spicy cashers.  The little packs they come in are great for sticking in a purse or bag when on the go.  They are a little pricey, but I might spring for them when going on a trip as a special treat.  You can find the nuts here.

What I ate today:

10:00 am: 1/2 package of spicy cashews from nuts + nuts

11:30 am: spicy buffalo chicken sandwich from Cutter's.

6:00 pm: 12 oz prime rib with loaded baked potato and mixed veggies.  Yikes!  I've been out to eat twice in one day, and I was out last night.  I blame the end of Christmas break craziness with a lot of catching up and not much cooking.  Look for lots of leftovers and a few cooked dishes next week, but definitely, a lot of eating at home.

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