Friday, June 3, 2011

Homemade Bologna in Amish Country

First off, let me apologize for being gone longer than a week.  I had intended on posting at least once a week during the move, but that didn't happen.  My husband and I are in our new house now (it's our first time living together), I'm in a new town, and about to start a new job (grad school starts in the fall, so expect a heavy use of the crock pot), but I need to eat, and I will not skimp on cooking or the quality of food I make.  I've already made a meal plan for the week and am intending on posting more regularly now.  I made a beautiful first meal in our house tonight, and I will post it tomorrow.  In the meantime, onto the sandwich in the picture.

The sandwich above may not look like much, but it's packed with flavor.  It's homemade bologna with farmer's cheese on homemade bread.  It's called the farmer's delight, and you can get it from Rosaline's in Arthur, Illinois.  Rosaline's in a small coffee/ice cream shop that sells sandwiches.  I recommend checking it out if you are in the area.

This was my first experience with homemade bologna, but when I saw it on the menu I new I had to give it a try.  Forget everything you know about the packaged bologna you had in school lunches.  This is more like an extremely flavorful sausage sliced thin and warmed with homemade bread.  Definitely worth checking out.

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