Sunday, June 12, 2011

I swear I wasn't going to cook tonight: Creamed Peas with Bell Pepper and Onion

I make a meal plan every week.  I just use a simple table and write down everything I will be making for lunch, breakfast, and supper.  Since I've moved, I've decided to start building a leftover night into that plan.  I tend to make very large portions when I cook.  I'm not sure why I do this because my immediate family is very small, but I always cook as if I'm feeding a family of at least six, so even though my husband and I take leftovers for lunch each day, there is still a lot of leftover food in the fridge.  Leftover night helps me clean out the fridge because really, there is always some lovely dish that gets shoved to the back, forgotten, and taken out months later when I clean and play a rousing game of "guess what that was."

The first leftover night went pretty well.  We did have a lot of leftover pasta to eat up, but I will keep that in mind when making my plan for next week.  When I was sizing up the leftovers I decided I needed to bulk them up a little with some leftover produce.  This started out innocently enough with my caramelizing a red onion, and 2 bell peppers.  Then I remembered the peas in the freezer.  I added those to the peppers and onions too.  I was going to deglaze the pan with some balsamic vinegar, but I thought that might be a little sweet with the peas, so I added some chicken broth.  Next, I added heavy cream, cream cheese, and a little fresh sage.  I loved this combination.  It was a very rich take on creamed peas.  Jason was indifferent to it.  He loved cream peas, but he said the cream with the peppers was "weird."  Oh well, more for me.

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