Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Cake Stand and Oatmeal Muffins

The weekend I moved my husband, in-laws, and I decided to go to a few antique stores in the area.  I saw a beautiful cake stand.  I've never had a cake holder, and quite honestly, I don't make that many cakes, so I wasn't sure I needed a cake stand.  Then I went back home and made muffins.  (See what happened with those muffins here.)  I made muffins again the next week, and I plan on making them again as they are an extremely easy breakfast.  Finally, I had a need for a cake stand!  I could use them to display my muffins.  My husband and I went back to the store on Saturday, and I bought the cake stand.  It is very heavy and detailed on the bottom.  I love it, and I intend on keeping it full.

The muffins you see below are oatmeal muffins from the blog 101 Cookbooks.  These muffins are subtly sweet, and a little salty.  I plan on making them again next week and adding some peaches.  I didn't think my husband would like them because they weren't chocolate (see my shortbread post), but he said they were perfect muffins and that when muffins are too sweet they make him made because they should just be cupcakes.  Who knew he'd have such strong opinions about muffins?

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