Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Breakfast Parfaits

I had made oatmeal muffins (see yesterday's post), and I had a little leftover crumble.  Okay, so I had a lot of leftover crumble, but I couldn't stop eating it, so eventually I only had a little leftover crumble.  I also had some plain yogurt and blueberries in the refrigerator that weren't getting any fresher.  I needed breakfast, and I needed it fast.  I decided to whip out the wine glasses and make parfaits.  These were fast, filling, delicious, and pretty.  Because the yogurt was plain, I drizzled each layer with dark Karo syrup.  I will probably make these next time I need to feed company for breakfast.  These could also be served in smaller portions for dessert, and any fruit could be used.

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