Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Meal Cooked in the House

All the boxes are in the house, but not put away yet.  My new kitchen was the first room entirely ready to go, and this happened within a few hours of being in the house (I have my priorities). I also had my menu plan completed on the second day in the house.  Despite my cooking ready kitchen, I didn't cook anything for the first few days.  I have plenty of dry goods, and everything in the deep freeze was moved, but the only thing in the refrigerator was bottled water.  After some of the moving craziness died down, and I decided I was sick of eating out, I decided to buy some food and cook.  Cooking made me feel more at home in the house.  I love my new kitchen, but I am still learning how to maneuver in it.  The electric stove is not as tricky as I had imagined, but I still miss my gas range.  I have tons of cabinet space, but I'm not sure where everything is yet, which results in longer prep times.  I wanted my first meal to be celebratory, so I decided on steak.  We had 2 t-bones in the deep freeze just begging to be used, so I rubbed those in a spicy Monterey seasoning and broiled them.  We had simple steamed broccoli on the side and my aunt's macaroni and cheese.  If I get permission from her I will share the recipe later (after I get the seasoning right).  We also had homemade lemonade with peach vodka. This was a great first meal in the new house, and I expect many more to come.

The food waiting to be eaten.
 Mac and Cheese
 A medium rare t-bone
 Moving is hard work

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