Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Roasted Broccoli

We eat a lot of broccoli in this house, and it's usually prepared either steamed or roasted.  Broccoli just seems really easy.  I just wash it, peel the stem, and cut it.  It's not labor intensive at all, and I don't really have to think about it, so it's my go to side dish.  Roasting broccoli is very easy, and if you haven't tried it you should. The outside of the broccoli becomes crispy while the inside gets velvety smooth.  Because of the texture, this is a really nice side dish to go with mashed potatoes and a protein, but honestly, we eat it with just about everything.

The directions are really simple.  Preheat oven to 400 F. (The temperature is not set in stone.  If you are baking something else just throw the broccoli in with it.  I've done this with temps ranging from 350 to 425, but adjust the time a little)  Wash broccoli and peel the stem with a vegetable peeler or knife.  Don't throw the stem away!  The stem is excellent, and all you need to cut off it a little bit at the end.  Cut broccoli into pieces (I cut on the large side, but whatever size you like is fine).  Place broccoli pieces on a baking sheet.  Try not to let them touch, so they can get crispy.  Drizzle broccoli with olive oil, salt, and pepper, you could also add garlic and/or red pepper flakes.  Roast broccoli for about 25 minutes.  You want the broccoli to be brown in places.  Serve immediately.
 Going into the oven
 Coming out of the oven
Crispy and delicious

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