Thursday, March 1, 2012

Weeknight Kitchen: Kofta with Allspice and Almonds

It's been several weeks since I've made a Weeknight Kitchen recipe that I actually liked and would make again.  I wouldn't say I was leery when I looked at the recipe for Kofta.  Kofta is basically a Middle Eastern or South Eastern meatball or meatloaf.  When I looked at the ingredients there was ground beef, almonds, allspice, cumin, and onions listed.  I wasn't sure about the almonds.  I've made a lot of veggie burgers with nuts in them, but I'm wary of spicing up ground beef too much because I don't want to mask the flavor.  Instead of meatballs, I made my koftas into little patties.  They cooked up quickly and turned out very well.  I served them with a cucumber yogurt sauce and couscous with peppers and onions.  Next time I make these (and I will make them again because they are so quick and good) I will stuff them into pita.

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