Monday, May 2, 2011

Weeknight Kitchen: Pan-crisped Deviled Eggs on Spring Greens

Wow!  Two Weeknight Kitchen posts in a row, and I have a third one planned for this weekend!  When I saw this recipe for Pan-crisped Deviled Eggs I was intrigued.  My dad and I had just had a discussion about deviled eggs and egg salad.  My statement on egg salad was that I really liked it because it was like deviled eggs you could eat on a sandwich.  This recipe was for deviled eggs that were stuffed, pan-fried, and then put on a salad.  How could I resist?

My family has always made standard deviled eggs: a bit of vinegar, some Miracle Whip, and the egg filling.  When I saw this recipe had ham and dried apricots I was a little apprehensive, but I'm willing to try anything once, and I'm still trying to use up my Easter ham.  The combination of ingredients turned out very similar to the traditional egg I'm used to, but a little better.  The salt from the ham and the occasional sweetness from the apricot was lovely.  I will be making these again.  I put way too much oil in the pan, and even though I liked the flavor change crisping these eggs gave them, I will broil them next time or skip the step completely.  The idea of using extra egg filling to make a salad dressing made a delicious, creamy, dressing.

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