Friday, May 6, 2011

Weeknight Kitchen: Crispy Chicken Cutlets on a Heap of Spring Salad

Wow, yet another recipe from The Splendid Table's Weeknight Kitchen.  For those of you who are new around here, The Splendid Table, a weekly show about food on NPR, puts out a newsletter with an easy week night recipe once a week.  You can go here and sign up if you're interested.  

This weeks recipe was Crispy Chicken Cutlets on a Heap of Spring Salad.  I don't really think I make cutlets but more of chicken strips.  I was very worried when I first began breading these because they seemed to have an abnormal coating, but once I started frying each juicy strip on chicken I realized they would be wonderful.  The chicken strips were extremely crunchy, moist, and tender.  The buttermilk added a tang that eggs alone would not have had.  I will use this method next time I want chicken strips.  As for the greens, I just used bib lettuce and romaine.  A tiny package of arugula is very expensive, so I wasn't about to use that as my primary green. I didn't add the dill either, but I chopped up some parsley in the lettuce.  I started added herbs to salads last year, and I really like the flavor it adds.  The dressing for this salad is extremely versatile with the herbs as well.  I had rosemary instead of tarragon, so that's what I used.  I would have like a thicker dressing, so next time I may add some arrowroot powder to thicken it.  The dressing would make a great dip or sauce on fish.

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