Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Salad

At first glance this salad may not seem too exciting; however, the lettuce that you see was cut from my garden hours before going onto the plate.  I'm moving in 13 days and even though I'm going to have a small container garden, I know I will miss the variety and abundance of what I have now.  My pantries are not as cleaned out as I would like, so I'm going to try not to grocery shop (except for some mangoes that are on an exceptional sale this week) until after I move.  It may make for some interesting dishes.

The salad below contains lettuce, grape tomatoes, cucumber, more ranch roasted chickpeas, and some ranch dressing I mixed up.  Really, when I move I need to remind myself not to buy bottled salad dressing.  It looks so tempting in the store, but I can't even use half a bottle before I'm tired of it.  Homemade dressing is so much tastier and very easy.  If you can buy ranch seasoning in bulk, I highly recommend doing so.  You won't regret it.

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