Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ugly Foods and Lessons Learned

Last Saturday I put a chuck roast in the crock-pot. I added some leftover canned tomatoes, veggie broth, garlic, pepper, salt, mustard seed, and oregano.  My plan was to have beef and noodles for supper.  Supper time came, but neither my husband and I were hungry.  We went out for the evening, and snacked on cheese and crackers.  The next day Jason just didn't feel like beef and noodles, so once again the beef sat cooked, but neglected in the refrigerator.  I knew I would want the leftovers during the week, but it was late and I didn't feel like boiling noodles and shredding the beef.  I had the "brilliant" idea of throwing the noodles in the crockpot and letting them cook overnight.  I had visions of waking up to luscious beefy noodles, but instead I got something that looked like dog food.  The noodles had turned to mush.  The flavor is fine, and I'm eating them, but I now know not to put noodles in the crockpot overnight.  Does anyone know if rice will do the same thing?

Yep, looks like dog food, but check out that asparagus in the previous shot!

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