Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Leftovers

I cooked quite a bit of food during this Easter break, including making breakfast for my church congregation.  I'm told that not every church has breakfast after Easter services, and this is unthinkable to me.  Anyway, I didn't really take any pictures.  I guess I was a little stressed out during cooking because the oven was not baking evenly, and even though I pre-cooked the potatoes for my breakfast casserole twice, they still didn't cook all the way through.  Not my best cooking performance.  (the sausage gravy was delicious)

I hesitated to post about Easter leftovers because they seemed a little bit obvious.  However, I read things on blogs all the time that I'm cursing myself for not thinking of, so I thought maybe some of you wouldn't have thought of this either.  If you have, then just look at my pictures and smile smugly because you had already thought of this.

The first picture is of a grilled ham, egg, and cheese sandwich.  I was looking for a way to use up ham and eggs, and thought of this sandwich.  Yes, it's very simple, but so good.  For the record, I'm freezing most of the ham in small portions because my husband doesn't really like ham and I can't eat it all myself.  Sorry about the mediocre pictures tonight, for some reason I took a lot of pictures, but none of them turned out well.

This second dish used up leftover cooked potatoes (for the breakfast casserole) and other odds and ends.  I made a veggie chili with onion, green pepper, shredded red cabbage, black-eyed peas (cooked and in the freezer), a can of tomatoes, cumin, and chili seasoning.  I used the chili as a topper for the baked potato and then loaded on the siracha.  This is a great lunch to take to work.  It could also be topped with some cheese and sour cream.

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