Tuesday, March 8, 2011

40 days: Fat Tuesday ends, the detox begins.

Something about roasting red peppers makes me feel really cool.  I get to play with fire, and I know it's something that my dad wouldn't approve of me doing.  I roasted these peppers tonight in preparation for lunch tomorrow.  In honor of the Lenten season (no, I'm no Catholic), I decided that on Monday - Thursday I would participate in the 21 day Vegan Kickstart program http://pcrm.org/kickstartHome/.  I've been wanting to do this for awhile to see how it would make me feel, but I've always had the problem of weekend activities revolving around food that would mess this up.  I decided that if I do this program on the weekdays I would still be able to do what I needed to do on the weekends, post recipes and weeknight kitchen posts (I'm behind, I know), but I would still get the benefits of healthier eating during the week.  Tomorrow is day one, and I roasted pepper last night for the carrot and roasted red pepper soup.  I'll let  you know how it tastes tomorrow.

In the meantime, Happy Fat Tuesday!  Live it up tonight because tomorrow is a time for reflection and possibly hangovers.

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