Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Smoky Chicken Sandwich: Laugh When it Goes Wrong

I call this chicken sandwich smokey as a joke.  It was chicken breast marinated in lime juice, honey, and chili powder.  It was then cooked on a cast iron grill pan.  Everything was going well with the cooking of the chicken until it started to smoke.  I thought I would be able to eliminate the smoke from the kitchen by turning on the oven fan.  This worked for about 3 seconds, but then the smoke started billowing from the pan and filled up the adjoining living room.  My husband, who was in the living/dining room setting the table began opening windows.  4 windows were opened, ceiling fans were turned on, and the house was a smoky mess.  I started coughing, but I continued to cook that chicken.  Finally, when the chicken appeared to be blackened I cut it in slices to reveal pink chicken.  "Really?" I yelled "After all that it's still not cooked?".  I just stuck the chicken in the microwave, as my husband made jokes about my serving him raw chicken strips about 6 months prior (I still have problems frying anything on this electric stove).  When we finally sat down to eat I piled the now cooked chicken slices onto rolls with avocado, tomato, lettuce, and salsa.  "What kind of chicken is this?"  my husband asked?  "Smoked" I said.

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