Saturday, May 10, 2014

Meatless May Day 10: Chickpea Cutlets and Mashed Potatoes = One Happy Mastiff

I haven't posted over the last few days because we've had a frozen stir-fry kit one night, leftovers twice, and we went out for Mexican last night where we had veggie nachos and Chiles Poblanos.  Today I planned the meals for the rest of the week (there will be homemade vegan chorizo), bought a ton of herbs and vegetables for my container garden, and made chickpea cutlets from The Veganomicon.

Because these are from a cookbook, I can't give out the recipe, but they were delicious.  My dog, who has been disappointed with the meal offerings lately, was so excited to see these, and I know he thought they were meat.  He ran around like crazy when he saw the mashed potatoes because that is one of his favorite foods, and he really enjoyed the mushroom gravy.

While the cutlets don't taste like meat, they do have the texture of a crispy salmon patty, and they are wonderful.  I think they taste a lot like meat from a t.v. dinner (I mean that in a good way).  I will be making them again when meatless May is finished.  Tomorrow, we're off to a mother's day brunch buffet, so I imagine a lot of side dishes will be consumed.

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