Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hot Apple Cider with Buttered Rum: Because More Drinks Need Butter

I'm finally back to posting, and it was difficult to decide what to post first because I have so many pictures waiting.  I thought I would post this hot apple cider because it's perfect for this time of year.  Around here I can actually get unpasteurized apple cider which I'm really excited about.  I haven't really liked apple cider since it started being pasteurized.  I do remember the taste from my childhood, and I must admit that I did a happy little dance in the farmer's market when I found it.  Don't be frightened of putting butter in a drink.  Think of it like a delicious sauce that runs throughout your drink adding a nice element.  It's not at all greasy.

Here's what you do.

Heat apple cider on the stove, or if you're taking this to a party you can put it in a crock pot with or without the rum.
meanwhile, place a small pat of butter (1 tsp or so) in the bottom of a coffee mug.
Add a shot (1 to 2 oz) of rum to the mug.
Top with hot cider.
Let butter melt and stir.

I used unsalted butter, so I also added a small pinch of salt to the cup.  Also, do not use margarine for this.  It will melt strangely and not give the same effect.  If it's margarine or nothing I'd just go with nothing.

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