Monday, April 27, 2015

Gestational Diabetes: Changing the Way I Eat

A lot has happened since I last posted in August.  The main event is that I'm expecting a child in early July.  Everything has been going well, and I'm feeling great, but last Friday I got a phone call that I did not want.  The nurse on the other end of the line said "you didn't pass your test."  This means that I have gestational diabetes.

I'm waiting to hear from a specialist and dietitian in the next few days, so right now I have no idea what my sugar count is and what they want me to do for it, but of course other than the safety of the baby, food was my first thought.  What am I going to eat?  What will I have to cut out?  How many carbs are in a tortilla!?

I frantically started searching for food blogs on the topic, and honestly, I haven't found too many that I like (feel free to send me links if you have them).  Most of the blogs that I've found consist of women who are talking about all of the low carb mixes and sugar free foods they're eating.  I hate sugar-free foods, and I really don't want to resort to some low carb mixes.  Honestly, I'd rather come up with actual food solutions, so I thought this would be a great time to start blogging again.  I've already started watching my carb intake because this is something I know I can do, but I want to wait until I hear from my doctor to post any food or recipes.  Check back soon for what I hope will be some exciting options for anyone else struggling to keep their sugar intake under control.

My strategy right now is to watch my carbs and eat six small meals a day.  I hate small meals.  I like to eat three large meals.  I like feeling full.  I suppose I'll get used to this eventually, and I'm lucky that I have a job that allows me to eat when I need to, but right now it's my big adjustment.  I'm also not going to add extra sugar to anything, which is a lot less of a problem.  I'm so glad I don't have a soda habit.

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